Major Irish sex-trafficking ring broken*

In Ballyjamesduff earlier today, The Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland and the Commissioner of An Garda Síochána issued a joint statement, following which they held a press conference.

The police chiefs revealed that there had been a massive, joint operation, codenamed ‘Paddy Reilly’, across all parts of Ireland involving almost all the police resources in both jurisdictions.

They said that they had smashed one of the most serious sex trafficking rings world-wide. Some 784 women had been rescued and taken to secure accommodation for their own safety. Twenty men, all of eastern European extraction, had been arrested and taken in for questioning.

Ballyjamesduff had been chosen for the announcement as it was the centre of the nexus of sex traffickers. When asked why the traffickers had chosen this town as their operational centre, the Commissioner explained that it was probably because of its connection to the Garden of Eden.

The Commissioner explained that both police forces had kept a number of organisations, which were masquerading as ‘Escort Agencies’, under surveillance for some months before acting.

The Garda had also taken a number of workers at Knock International Airport into custody.

The Chief Constable explained that the men had groomed the women on-line and by personal contact, offering them the chance of employment in Ireland. Once here, their passports were confiscated, they were made to service 50 men a day, sometimes more. If they resisted, they would be chained to radiators.

After several months of being ‘broken in’, groups of the women were brought to Knock and then flown in an unmarked jet to Atlanta, the major trafficking hub in the US. The Commissioner said, “The jet was one of the fleet operated by the CIA and also used for ‘extraordinary rendition’ of islamic terrorists’. Knock was chosen, she said, because of the way its construction was funded. The Chief Constable added that it was believed that the CIA was behind much of the sex trafficking in the US; the FBI had been kept informed, and he had absolute confidence in their integrity.

When asked what would now happen to the women, the Chief Constable said that they would be processed, and then offered the chance of working with Ruhama; if they declined they would be deported.

Reacting to the news, Lord Morrow of Clogher Valley, the sponsor of the Human Trafficking Act in N Ireland, said that this totally justified the principled stand he had taken over the years. He sharply criticised those politicians who had called for evidence during his Bill’s progressing, saying, “How do ye feel now; here’s the evidence”, and who been taken in by the lies spread on some American libertarian websites by people posing as ‘ex-madams’.  He said that it was clear that those involved were shameless, degraded, evil and worthless; and as for the men, he expected that they would receive very long jail sentences.


*Note that this was pubished on 1 April.


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